Elementor or DIVI builder, which one is better?

There is no definitive answer as both Elementor and DIVI builder have their pros and cons. However, generally speaking, Elementor is considered to be a better option as it is more user-friendly and has a wider range of features. It also performs faster and is compatible with several WordPress themes. Since Elementor was released later it has some additional features not available in the DIVI builder, but the gap is quickly narrowing.

Elementor v/s DIVI builder

A few possible scenarios when using Elementor or DIVI builder might suit different people better are:

Creators who need ease of use and faster page-building speed will find Elementor better for them. Elementor also has the advantage of more features and is compatible with a larger number of themes (although you can still create awesome designs even with DIVI builder). A possible downside of using Elementor could be its compatibility with Google Page Speed Insights, which might report some issues if you use it with certain WordPress themes.

DIVI builder is suitable for people looking to build simple websites. It might also be a good option if you don’t want to spend time learning to use Elementor or if you wish to create web page designs without touching any code. Also, it should work better with Google Page Speed Insights compared to Elementor in case you have compatibility issues with a specific WordPress theme.

If you need to build websites that require the use of other plugins besides Elementor or DIVI Builder (for example, revolution slider), then it would be better to choose Elementor. I also recommend Elementor for people who like to customize their website design and add content in real-time such as social media newsfeeds, contact forms, or other content that needs to be placed via the WordPress editor.

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One last thing to consider is if you’re going to need help from a developer. If that’s the case, then using either Elementor or DIVI Builder would be good as both have their developers. Like me, I well know about DIVI and elementor page builders. I created several websites in these builders, if you have any projects feel free to contact me Thank you!

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FD Studio
2 years ago

Nice article very informative.

Abdul Mueed
Abdul Mueed
2 years ago

That was a great comparison. And I must say, your LOGO is an awesome creation.


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