27 Things To Post On Social Media As A Freelancer

  1. Completed projects or portfolio pieces
  2. Behind-the-scenes insights into your work process
  3. Personal projects or creative endeavors
  4. Blog posts or articles you’ve written
  5. Photos or videos of your workspace or equipment
  6. Testimonials or reviews from clients
  7. Inspirational quotes or motivational content
  8. Industry news or updates relevant to your field
  9. Updates on your availability for new projects
  10. Information about upcoming events or webinars you’re attending or hosting
  11. Collaborations with other freelancers or businesses
  12. Special offers or discounts for followers
  13. Q&A sessions or live discussions with followers
  14. Free resources or tools you find useful in your work
  15. Announcements of new services or offerings
  16. Behind-the-scenes footage from photoshoots or projects
  17. Quizzes or polls related to your industry
  18. Creative challenges or contests for followers to participate in
  19. Personal achievements or milestones in your career
  20. Your favorite books, podcasts, or other resources
  21. A sneak peek of new projects or upcoming releases
  22. Collaboration opportunities with brands or businesses
  23. Informative infographics or educational content
  24. User-generated content or testimonials from satisfied clients
  25. Information about your work schedule or availability
  26. Updates on your personal life or travels
  27. Thought-provoking questions or discussions related to your industry or interests.
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